Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

With the great- grandparents!

Dan with Deirdre, no he is not her dad, but he does spend lots of time with her!

Rick and Lucas.

Carl and Emily.

At Apple Hill...........I love this picture!

Greg and Matthew..........this is Greg's first Father's Day!

Eric and his new family..............

Me and my dad.............

A Happy Father's Day to everyone! For me this includes my dad, my grandfathers, my brother, my uncles and Dan! Also to all my friends who are fathers or stepfathers..........Greg, Rick and Eric. Today Dan is spending his Father's Day trucking and he is in Segovia, Texas. I was trying to find out about this odd little town he is in for the night. Here is what I have found............

SEGOVIA, TEXASKimble County, Texas Hill CountryOn I-1011 miles SE of JunctionPopulation: 25 (estimate)
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The old Post Office in SegoviaPhoto courtesy Erik Whetstone, August 2005More Texas Post Offices See Texas Ghost Towns
Photographer's NoteSegovia now appears to be mainly a truck stop and a few houses. The Post office building was the only older building I saw. - Erik Whetstone, March 18, 2006History in a Pecan ShellSegovia, was named after the city in Spain and began life in the early 1860s. The settlement was granted a post office in 1900 and the population has remained small throughout Segovia's history. There were only 10 people living there in the mid 1920s but as highways improved, the area started receiving more tourists and soon 25 people lived there catering to visiting campers and adventurers. With the arrival of the Great Depression the population went right back to ten. It increased to 20 after WWII, swelled to 63 in the mid-1960s, reached over 60 in 1966 and topped out at 101 from 1974 through the mid 1980s. The estimate in the early 90s was a mere 25.

I am sure there is more on this town. But this was pretty interesting!