Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Halloween has now come and gone. Deirdre decided to be Cleopatra this year........boy was she cute! As always, I love to decorate for my child and the kids in the neighborhood seem to like it too. We only went to the few houses of people that we have known forever, went to the church Harvest Carnival and then up to my grandparents and uncle's house. So, we had a fun and long night. Here are the pictures that I took and a few short video clips at the carnival.

Deirdre and our little ghost.

With the pumpkins.

All of my masterpieces!

So cute as Cleopatra!

Can you tell I love to carve pumpkins?

Deirdre's pumpkins.

My love pumpkin........tonight Dan is in Mazula, Montana.

Deirdre petting the spider on the web.

Getting ready to go trick-or-treating to just a few houses.

Love the lights.......

Rick and Debbie Deluna's little boy, Lucas.

Meet Lucy, she is one of my Sparks in Awana this year.

Chasing Deirdre through a maze!

A very happy girl.........

Deirdre and Madison's dad, Dan Fanucci.

Our friend, Judy Dawson!

Deirdre and Judy.

Pastor Dennis and Deirdre.

Waiting in line to play a game.

Deirdre's friend, Crystal and her mom, Astrid.

She looks a little unsure here.

Deirdre and Pastor Mark, our children's pastor.

Me and Bernadene! We have not seen each other since high school.......over 15 years ago!

Deirdre was just loving the games!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Deirdre's Class Halloween Party

That time of the year where all the kids get to wear their costumes to school and get loaded up with sugar!! I took cookies to Deirdre's class and got a few pictures. Enjoy!!

Deirdre as Cleopatra.

Deirdre's teacher, Ms. Mattson.

Her large class room!

At her desk...........

Look at all the sugar!

Mrs. Vela as Mary Poppins.

What a perfect costume for her!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Path of An Accident

About 1am last night we were awaken by the familiar sound of a car crash. For those who know our neighborhood.........this will look familiar to you. The car came off Highway 4, so follow the pictures..........

You can see the tire marks from the highway.

The car then crossed Cavallo road.

Took out the bus bench on the way...........

I do believe they left this behind!

Took out all the fencing here.........our street is on the right.

Went over this fence on Sunset Drive..........

Ending when they hit this silver car in the driveway of this home.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Awana Worship Time

Here is a sample of our worship time in Awana. This is the Pumpkin Patch song and Trading My Sorrows. Our worhip leader is Mrs. Lita enjoy the 2 video clips!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Six Flags Birthday

Okay! To celebrate Deirdre's 11th birthday, we all went to Six Flags Magic Kingdom on Saturday, the 17th. I took so many picstures and wish I could just post them all. So, here is a taste of how our day was..................FUN!!! We are now season pass holders through next year!

Deirdre and I infront of the bloody park fountain.

Ususally it is pretty and has a dolphin in the center.......but not for their Fright Fest time!

"I see dead people............"

Deirdre and a big bird!

Just loved the M&M's on the steps!

We had dinner at Johnny Rockets........yummy!

Denali the beautiful Bald Eagle.

I love the fall........

Berma the bat.

This witch was the highlight of this wildlife show!

The girls didn't know what to think!

Just cute.....

The girls wanted a picture with the witch.

Loving this one.

The girls watching the giraffe.

Baby camel. She wants some love!

The girls on a ride sure to make one sick!

The girls wanted to be in the "wet zone".............

This is their section getting wet........I am down there too, but I was safe!

Shouka saying hello to everyone.

Beautiful animal!

Mom, Jenny and Carl.

Me at the Dolphin show.

The girls in the "wet zone" again!

Love how they jump!

Can I have one?

In the Shark Exhibit.

Hanging from the ceiling was this...........

Deirdre could not quite reach the stingray to pet it.

Emily & Carl at the Spooky Sea Lion show.

Waiting for the show to start.

This guy was too funny for his costume!

Always a good show.

Love how the lights are at night at amusement parks.

Deirdre's dinosaur cake...........anyone as surprised as us at this one??

Blowing out the candles.

The gift she has been wanting!

And she is very happy...........haha!