Saturday, April 24, 2010

T & T Girls Overnighter

Last night was our Awana T & T Girls Overnighter at the church. Deirdre was finally well enough to go. I volunteered (bathroom about no sleep during the night) and my mom also helped. There was lots for the girls to do, as you will see in the pictures I have posted.

Opening prayer.


The ice cream station!

Cheryl, Madison and Deirdre eating their ice cream.

That monkey followed me everywhere!

Spoon game......

Some of the decoration........

Killing time on a bathroom run!


Our Awana Commander, Bob Fischer, came by with his daughter Rebekah, to see how it was going.

Deirdre's group at the spoon game.

Or was it really poker??

Deirdre's group picture.

The concentration........

Love this pic!

Kareoke time!

Where we slept last night!

Uh oh! She sings.......haha!!

Deirdre and her buddy, Madison.

All the girls that were there for the night.........around 70 total!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Awana Grand Prix 2010

Today was Deirdre's Awana Grand Prix at church. So, this year was a good year for Deirdre's car, Light of God, who placed 1st in 3 of her 4 heats! The last heat, she placed 2nd. While she was disappointed she didn't get a trophy, she was a pretty good sport this year!

Deirdre watches the races......

You can't see her car very well here, but it is the red one closest to us on the end.

Such a beautiful day out!! With our frinds, Dan and Tami Fanucchi.
Below is a short clip of one of the heats Deirdre placed 1st in.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Deirdre and Friend

After so long of not having many kids being on our street, Deirdre now has a friend that lives right next door! Her name is Lillian, her brother is Jeremiah and they have a cute dog named Dottie. Here are a few pictures of them bike riding.

She is ready!!

Trying to turn around her bike.

Deirdre and her new buddy, Lillian.

This girl got up at 6am!

She has gotten so good at riding!