Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Visiting Dan and the Park

Today I spend part of my day with my boyfriend, Dan, who was on the road for almost 7 weeks! This was the longest he has been out trucking! We just had fun visiting and being together. Now he really needs a haircut, but you can't tell in the pictures! When I got home, my mom, myself and Deirdre took Koda, Roddy and Bella to the park for some roaming and just some fun!

This is the better picture of Dan and I. Though I did step on his toes (that is why I love the look on his face here), this picture has both of us in it without our heads being cut off!

Better smiles, but this is better than the other few I did take!

My guy! Who really happens to need that haircut!! We were gonna do that today, but neither one of our cars now have air conditioning!

Bella, Koda and Roddy.

Miss Bella Rose

Deirdre and Bella.

Deirdre, Bella and Koda.

Bella and her girl.............

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day at Kirkwood

Yesterday we took a drive up to Kirkwood to drop off our canoe and walk into the Girl Scout camp and say hi to some of our friends. We stopped in Ione where you can see the Preston Castle. This excited Deirdre because this was a place that was on Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures". Then on to Lake Kirkwood, we walked into camp, played in the canoe and headed home. Our trip couldn't be really done without something happening! Mom's truck started to have problems, so by 9:30pm, we were calling Carl to come rescue us! We stayed the night at his house in Elk Grove and today, did what we had to in order to get mom's trucked towed back to Antioch. We are exhauseted! Here are the pictures I took...........

Me and Deirdre at the Preston Castle plaque.

The plaque.

Preston Castle.

Lake Kirkwood.........oh to be home!!

Lake Kirkwood and the Two Sentinels.

Deirdre and her hiking buddy.

Waiting or pouting..........I don't remember!

Deirdre wanted to go out on the trail for 11 days with the SuperPackers! She even got a map!

The beauty at Kirkwood.

Deirdre and Lady Bug. Now, Lady Bug was one of my Waterbugs about 18 years ago. I can't believe she is now a counsoler!

My attempt to get a picture of all 3 of us in the canoe.

Love this pic!

On the way out of the camp.

Always having to throw a few rocks in the lake.

Deirdre and Dr. Staar. This was Deirdre's pediatrician.

Comet & Lady Bug..........I can't believe how tall this girl is! I feel so little!

Silver Lake.

Me and my girl........I love this picture of us! With Silver Lake in the background.

Deirdre and our "home away from home"!

On our way home.......I took this as we were coming down Hwy 88.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun With Papa and More Lizards!

On some Saturdays, my dad likes taking Deirdre to Lowe's for their Kid's Workshop. Since the line was so long, they brought the project home to work on. This weeks project was a treasure chest. After they completed the treasure chest, they played a little pirate for us (please forgive me on these as my dad is quite the character)! Also, later today I also caught a very tiny lizard...........he is just a wee-one!!

Working hard!!

Who gave my kid a hammer? Oh wait........we did! She did get a tool box with real tools in it for Christmas a year or so ago.

The finished treasure chest.

I don't believe my dad actually did this................

I take that back! I do believe my dad is doing this!

Aren't pirates only suppose to have just one eye patch??

This is that cute baby lizard I caught today. Look at how tiny he is!

His GQ pose..........

Deirdre named him Speedy............of course I let him go after I took these pictures!!

Leaping Lizards!

Alright........this is something I did not expect to see today! I was outside on the phone to Dan when I almost stepped on what I thought was a snake. Even thought this thing was dead! Now that I have seen this creature (believed to be living under my deck in my side yard), I am almost 100% sure it is an alligator lizard. I am also thankful my child didn't see it, cause I have a feeling she would of asked me to catch it and make it a part of our "family"!!

It didn't move for the longest time..........

So, I was able to get a few good pictures!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th everyone! I was sick, but still managed to get Deirdre out to see the fireworks. So, we went up to my grandparents neighborhood for a good view. We did visit my grandparents, uncle and aunt, also my cousin Jillian's little ones.........Matt and Ana. My poor Dan is in El Paso, Texas until Monday morning and then off to Arkansas. So, of course he is being missed here! Got some great firework photos and video.

Uncle Dean's dog, Shelly.

Jillian's little boy, Matt.

Jillian's little girl, Ana.

Looks kinda cool!!

An exploding cotton ball??


Pretty colors.......

My favorite!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Emily's 11th Birthday

Our Miss Emily turned 11 last week. On Monday, June 29th we joined her family in Elk Grove to celebrate. There was some yummy pizza and some good cake. I can't believe she is almost a teenager..............OH MY GOSH!!!!

Emily's beach/summer theme.

At Laguna Pizza.

Look how good this is.............

The girls.

Identical cousins? LOL

Emily's brother, Carl.

Birthday group pic.

Who gave him matches??

Emily's cake.......very colorful!

Have no idea what is going on here.

Blowing out the candles.

Emily showing Deirdre some love!

Bubbles............and the girls entertaining Beraj.

Are we really related??

Bubble insanity!

You can even see Deirdre's bubbles!

Birthday gang for the evening.

The mom's...........and Beraj!