Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day in the snow.....

Today, Dan and I went up to Kirkwood. Hoping to snow shoe into the Girl Scout camp, the corral area was not plowed and as it was, there was not enough snow ingeneral. Here are some pictures from today......

The corral area outside the Girl Scout camp.

One of thesentinels on Hwy 88.

Our lunch.........chicken ceasar salad. Yummers!

At the Kirkwood Resort.

Lake Kirkwood is down there somewhere!

Oh, me!

My man, Dan, and his truck.

Us freezing in the snow.

Frozen water falls along Hwy 88.

Vista point on Hwy 88.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rain and Roses

During our heavy rainfall just a bit ago, I decided to take a few pictures out my front window. Never tried it before, but they cam out pretty good. You can see the raindrops on the roses and I tried to just get some interesting shots.............tell me what you think!!

One of my yellow roses with a few of the red in the background.

This one is one of my favorites!!

Love how the sunlight hit the roses!

This one turned out good too...............

The color on this rose was just beautiful!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dan Visits Us!

Well, Dan has some time on his hands while he waits for Swift to get him a truck of his own to drive. So, he came and hung out with us for a few days. Deirdre loved bugging him with the Nintendo DS and just being her usual "want your attention" self! These are the only pictures I took while he was here (I know it is hard to believe). But, this Tuesday, Dan and I are going to go snow shoeing and get all cold! So, look for more pictures next week. I plan on taking my camera (of course) and hopefully will get some good pictures to post here.

Dan, are you counting on your fingers again??

They had lots of fun answering the questions.......lots of history, science and geography!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dan is home!! (for a bit)

Okay! Deirdre and I picked up Dan in Lathrop's Swift terminal last night (Jan 10). Dan is now officially done with his 6 weeks of training (which he is very happy about). Now he gets some time at home and his own truck! I am very glad he is enjoying his new career, as it has been a rather difficult adjustment for me especially. But, I am doing much better about it! He is glad to be home and get to sleep in his own bed for the time being until they get his truck. When he gets it, I will be sure to post some pictures of it. For now........I am just glad he is home!

Us today after church.........

I think Deirdre took a good picture of Dan!

This is Dan's brother Monte and his mom Betty.

Me and Dan just goofing around........yes after church! Good picture Deirdre!

This is Jake.........such a good boy!

No, she isn't banging her head on the wall.........she is weighing herself and looking down at the scale!

Jake loves the ball I gave him for Christmas!

The moon, taken in the parking lot at the Swift terminal in Lathrop! What a beauty!