Thursday, March 18, 2010

My 36th Birthday

Well, St.Patricks' Day(also my 36th b-day) has come and gone. It has been the best so far! Last night, was Awana night, so that is where we spent my birthday. Carl also took me to lunch at The Carvery in Brentwood. Saturday is gonna be a day at Six Flags Magic Kingdom in more pics to come!!

Me and Dan spending time together on 3-15-10.

Us again!!

Deirdre let me paint her fingernails!

Me and my little (big) girl on my birthday...........St. Patrick's Day!

Deirdre being all cool at Awana.

Madison, Deirdre, Jessica and Cheryl.

Trying to eat my cake!!!

Us with the birthday cake that I made.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh What a Day!!

It was a beautiful day! So, we went to the park with Koda, Bella and Deirdre. Then I had fun taking pictures of Deirdre, just being the fun kid she is!! Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday too!!

I actually took this a few days ago.

My St. Patrick's Day/Birthday nails.

Deirdre being herself.

Gotta love that face!

Koda.......looking so deprived of love..........

Hey! There is that cute girl again!!

Some daisies at the of my favorite flowers.


Koda at the park.

Koda and Bella going down the slide at the park.

Just call her "Flygirl"!

Koda was diving off the slide to come to me. Such a good boy!!

Trees are in bloom..........beautiful!

Mom, Deirdre and the dogs. Poor Roddy was at home.

Deirdre, Koda and Bella.

Had a great photo opp!!!

Me and my little girl...........

Monday, March 8, 2010

Chris and Kim's Baby Shower 3-7-10

Yesterday was the baby shower for my cousin Chris and his wife Kim in Sacramento. Was a nice get together and was great to see everyone! Kim is due March 16th (the day before my birthday) ans she looked great!! Here are some pics fromthe shower.

Good stuff on the tables.........
Oh the gifts!
Daddy-to-be, Chris.
Cousin David and Uncle Brent.
David gets to be an uncle again!
Cousin Beth and cousin Kenny.
Mommy-to-be, Kim!

Chris and Kim Hewel.

Me and Beth.......will we ever take a normal photo??
Uncle Brent having his own fun!
Beth, Kim, Uncle Brent,Chris and David. The Hewels!
The cousins: Beth,Kim, Chris, Kenny, Me, David and Nick.