Sunday, May 17, 2009

Urban Rescue & Future of Forestry Concert

Tonight our church had an awesome concert with Future of Forestry and Urban Rescue (from San Diego). It was loud (of course) and absolutely wonderful! These are two very talented groups and they will definately make a name for themselves in the music ministry. God gave them talent and skill to put God's word out there for all ages with their music. Here are some pictures and video clips from the concert!

Urban Rescue...........

Urban Rescue again..........with that beautiful cross behind!

T.J. Hill.........Future of Forestry. He is from our church.

Jeremi, Deirdre and Julie.

The lead singer, Eric, for Future of Forestry.

Can't get enough of the cross!

The young lady in the center (sorry the pic is not that good), flew out from Texas to play the cello with the group. She is very good..........

Future of Forestry again.........

Deirdre getting an autograph. She really loved the music!

Deirdre with the lead singer, Eric, of Future of Forestry. I think I have a groupie on my hands!!

The first two clips are Urban Rescue and the others are Future of Forestry.

video video video video video video