Thursday, February 12, 2009

Deirdre's Cast

Yes.......I said a cast! On February 10th, Deirdre fell off the swing at school and hurt her arm. Gave her Tylenol for the pain. The next day she said her arm was still hurting and thought she was trying to get out of Awana or school. So, Dan and I picked her up after school yesterday and later went to Walgreens after Dan left to go home. She fell on the concrete entrance to Walgreens, landing on the arm that was hurting. So, today I took her to the minor injury clinic at Kaiser. She was exrayed and discovered she indeed had broken her wrist! No PE for 4-6 weeks. No flute. Keep elevated as needed. She gets her long cast on the 19th, for 3 weeks and then a short cast for 3 more after that.

Keeping it elevated.

Her temperary splint-cast and sling.

Poor baby.......I feel her pain!!


Smokey said...

Guess she wasn't crying 'wolf' this time. Sometimes it's hard to tell but I think we all learned a big lesson...Right now Deirdre is not feeling well so she's resting a lot but I know it's gonna be a long 6 weeks with her kind of energy! Hang in there Deirdre...