Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun at the Republican Headquarters!

That some night (Halloween), me, my mom and Deirdre decided to stop by where Carl spends alot of his time every election! We got some McCain/Palin buttons, Yes on 8 buttons and just took a look at how it was all set up. To top off our night, a car with 4 adults (yes adults) decided to show their immaturity and steal McCain signs from the front of the headquarters while we were there! As my mom said told my brother, "You run pretty fast for a fat boy!". Obviously these guys were not from the same political party, but was pretty childish in my opinion. So, these are the pictures I took last night............and with my buddy Sarah Palin!!

One angle of the headquarters.

Deirdre obviously likes Sarah too!

She tells it like it is! That is why I like her!

Mom and Sarah Palin.

Carl showing us where people man the phones!

Me and Deirdre.

I had to talk Carl into a picture with Sarah...........loosen up man!! LOL!

Strike a pose dear brother!

Me and Sarah...........

Deirdre is actually asking questions about the election and she is surprising me everyday.