Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deirdre's Class Field Trip on the Delta was Deirdre's class field trip on the Robert G. Brownlee vessel. Was a nice day, kids had a great time and no rain!! I was lucky enough to be a chaparone and of course had my camera in hand!!!

Deirdre and Jules.

Deirdre, Mercedes and Jules.

The Robert G. Brownlee.

Someone fishing off one of the piers.

Lining up........

The kids waitinng to board the vessel.

In the marina area.

Some of the kids.

Our guide, Erica.

Me and Deirdre.

Silly girl!

Ms. Mattson (Deirdre's teacher) and me.

Deirdre and Ms. Mattson.

On the stern of te vessel.

Make way...........

On the delta.


Zac and Deirdre.

Joining the mud club.........don't ask!

Playing with the delta mud.

Deirdre found a clam in the mud.

Baby stripped bass.

Photo opp!

This was an odd looking fish!!

Me and my girl!

Plankton are you down there????

This is in our water.............gross!

Lesson in hydrology.

The end of a beautiful day...............

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Deirdre Winter Concert

Tonight was Deirdrre's Winter Band Concert at her school. Here are a few pictures and video clips that I took tonight. Mrs. Vela is her music teacher.

Mrs. Vela

Another of Mrs. Vela.

The evening program.

Deirdre and her flute.

She is playing so good!

Deirdre and Mrs. Vela.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some of My Photos

I just wanted to post some of the pictures I have been taking. Currently I am going to school online to get my Bachelors of Science in Photography. My goal is to become a photographer and have a business of my own.