Sunday, December 13, 2009

Heavenly Harmonies Christmas Program

Today was Deirdre's Heavenly Harmonies Christmas program at all 4 services at our church. Which made for a VERY long day for all of us! Here are some pictures and video clips from today.

Deirdre and her buddy, Madison.

Heavenly Harmonies.

The young man in this picture is Grant........Deirdre and he are also buddies.

A prop from the church.

Another prop.......all part of the church choir Christmas program.

How did she get a hole in the knee on carpet?

Mary & Joseph.

Deirdre and the other scarf dancers.

The choir.

In the chairs are the choir directors.

Paige and friend.

Deirdre and Madison.

The two of then again.
Deirdre and Lindsey.

Why does she look so scared?? She did great!

Scarf dancers.......

Grant and his solo!!

My favorite of Deirdre and Madison!


Smokey said...

Thanks France for posting the videos along with the pictures. I loved watching and reliving the whole program. It was priceless watching the girls with the scarfs...I will post the video of the Dona Nobis Pacem portion of the one song on my blog very soon...then our Girl Scout buddies can view it there if they can't find it on your blog...