Monday, November 9, 2009

First Day at Beth's, Disneyland & California Adventure!

Well.......Sunday, November 8th, Deirdre and I flew down to my cousin Beth's inSouth O.C.! Deirdre did great on the plane and asked questions all the way there. And the questions continued even when Beth picked us up at the airport! Today, we did California Adventure and Disneyland. Had a great time! Tomorrow is the beach. Here are pics and a few vidoe clips!

Us on the plane.

The wing of the plane.

Deirdre playing her DS on the plane.

Riding a really cool bike that the boys have.


Two of their 3 dogs.

Super pretty lights in a place Beth and I had dinner called "The Canyon".

Playing with a wig.

Beth.......she may hate this pic!

Deirdre and Tyler.

A surprise in my bed!!

At California Advnture.

Deirdre took a really good picture of me!

Deirdre and Beth.........we were in line at Soaring in California Adventure.

In line for the Toy Story ride........that was very cool!


Waiting for it to start moving........

The Toy Story army men.

My girl.

All the goodies!!

Love this picture.

She had a tough time getting this to move!

She had to stop and watch High School Musical. UGH!!


Deirdre and Walt Disney statue and castle.

Finally some food!

Then she turned the camera on me!

Buzz Lightyear ride.........

The castle again.

Pirates of the Caribean.

They had some show going on here............

Having lots of fun!

A look from above.

On the Jungle Cruise.

With Mickey Mouse.

Me and Goofy.

Deirdre and Goofy.

Love the lights!!

Playing a game in California Adventure.

One of my favorite pictures taken today!

Deirdre and her Dumbo's.

Deirdre, Matthew & Tyler.

Tower of Terror.

Castle at night.

Haunted Mansion.

I got her face this time!


Parade time!


Smokey said...

Looks like you and Deirdre are enjoying your visit at Beth's...of course it's hard not to enjoy going to Disneyland, right? I was able to see the pictures up to Beth, Deirdre and the boys playing a game at California Adventure know this dial-up I'm having to use right now is soooo slow that I will have to wait until we get the new DSL service activated and working to see all the pictures and the videos. That doesn't mean you should stop taking pictures and posting them though...I will get the chance to catch up and enjoy everything eventually!!! Enjoy your time with your cousin and kids...hope Deirdre continues to do well, too! We miss you both here in's way tooo quiet!!! PS- What happened to your hair??? Has Beth been working on you again???

Kimmy said...

Yep, I'm so ready to go back. Only problem is Paul's pass expired so we need to buy his. Maybe I can bribe!
Looks like you're having fun! Enjoy :O)