Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kirkwood 2009 & My 100th Post!!

Alrighty! This is going to be a large post! Not only is this my vacation post, but my 100th post! We went camping at Lake Kirkwoood August 3rd-8th. This year the girls caught their first fish with "Mom Flingee" from camp and both within 10 minutes of casting their poles in the lake. We also took a hike down to Vikingsholm Castle in Emerald Bay, which was lots of fun! However, we did experience quite a bit of COLD weather this year, which included hail. The girls played with two kids they met last year while we were camped and great timing that they were there again at the same time!! Here are some pics that I took. I did take ALOT more, but these are my favorites!

The Two Sentinels as seen from the lake.

Our home for the week.

My bed........before the kids totally messed it up with all their stuff on the floor.

Lake Kirkwood and the girls.

Senya, Emily and Deirdre.

The girls playing on the rocks.

My little girl at the lake.

Mom and Deirdre having lunch on the rocks in our campsite.

Armed with her watergun............she got in the lake!!

The girls in the little boats we have had for years!

Emily........she looks so cold!

Isn't he cute?

Bonfire on the lake at the wishboat ceremony at the Girl Scout camp..........see the video clip below!

OH NO!!! These clouds were not what we wanted to see.........

Me at the campsite........obviously against a big rock!

Me and Emily......before the girls caught their fish!

Emily and her first fish.

She didn't wanna get near it after all that!

Deirdre's first catch..........she didn't really know what to do next!

Mom Flingee and Deirdre with her fish.

Helping her make a good cast in the lake.

Trying for a second fish each......but it got real cold and we called it a day!

Deirdre didn't wanna get her dirty boots in the play tent...........

The start of the hike to Vikingsholm Castle............1 mile down and 1 mile back up!!

Deirdre, mom, Jenny and Carl..........on the way down to Vikingsholm Castle.

They made it down! The girls in front of Vikingsholm Castle.

My kid just cracks me she is taking a picture of me taking her picture!

One of the paddleboats.

I think this little guy needs to work out a little more............

Maybe I should make this a postcard??

Me and Emily in front of Vikingsholm Castle.

Carl and Mom in the courtyard of Vikingsholm Castle.

The critters just loved my camera!

Carl, Jenny and Emily.

Mom and the girls.

Me and my big brother!

Mom and the chicken we BBQ'ed for dinner after our day at Vikingsholm Castle.

Relaxing in the campsite.

My favorite place............

The sun setting on the lake.

Carl skipping rocks with Emily.

Carl and his wife, Jenny.

Me and my shadow down at Vikingsholm Castle.

Good night girls! This was the last night at the campground........

Saved the best for last! This little guy thinks a battery just might be tasty! I hope he dropped it somewhere and really didn't try to eat this thing!!


Kimmy said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Just LOVE the pictures with the chipmunks or squirrels. Sooooo adorable make me want to take one!

BTW...Congrats on the 100th post!!!!

Beth Paulson said...

Wait, wait, wait a minute! Didn't you make fun of me for having a cot to sleep on while camping? And what do I see in your tent????

The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

Haha!! In my old age and years of camping, I have put in my time of sleeping on the ground!!

Smokey said... I hear cot envy? Now, there's a time for everything. When we backpack it's definitely sleeping on the ground but when you are car camping cots are definitely nice...the kids slept on mats between the two (yes I had one on the other side, too) cots and it was very cozy. Let's say it's very important for adults to get a good nights sleep when you have little kids with you...otherwise the little kids might not have a good time! Our main goal is for the girls to enjoy the outdoors and camping...I think we've accomplished that!