Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awana Grand Prix 2009

Today was our Awana Grand Prix races for our Cubbies, Sparkies and T & T boys and girls. There were a total of 129 cars, which made for 129 total races! Each car had 4 races to be in. Deirdre placed 3rd in 3 of four of her races and the last races for her, she placed 2nd! Her car was called "Dragonfire". It was a long, but fun day for the are some pictures and 2 video clips of two of Deirdre's races. I may add more later...........

Deirdre's car "Dragonfire'..........the pretty purple one!

Sitting with the girls.......

Grace and the way, Grace was one of my Sparkie girls last year.

The race track.

The finish line for all to see up on the screen.......

Race track again.

Break time.......

Deirdre and her pal, Crystal.

Break time is over.......

This says it all!

Willow and Deirdre.

And another race!!!!!

The "bleachers" in the MPR.

Me and my little girl and her car!

Willow and Deirdre showing us their cars!

Willow and her is the most creative one I have seen!

Dezirae and her dad............she is one of my Sparkies this year!

Deirdre and her other pal, Faith.

Deirdre and her car from this year and last year.