Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rainy Day at Apple HIll!

It is that time of the year again! Yes...........Apple Hill!!! On Saturday, Oct 4, me, Dan and Deirdre ventured up to Placerville to check it all out. With storm clouds and rain, we still enjoyed it! Deirdre fed goats, got her pumpkins and some apples. I got my fudge (like I needed it) and just enjoyed being with two very special people in my life!

Deirdre visiting her little goat friends in the rain......
I just fell head over heels for this little guy. Is he too cute or what??
What a trooper!!! Picking our her pumpkin in the pouring rain!

We tired her out.............LOL!!!

In the Hay Maze at Abel's Acres............yes in the rain!
Traditional photo...........every year we see how much taller she gets. Looks like she finally hit the 4 foot mark! Woo-hoo!!
Just for fun.........
Now I found this just cute. She did get a little miffed at me cause I didn't get all the cows.
And of course a picture with the horse............before it started to rain!
Hopefully we will get another chance to go back when there is no rain. Get more apples, actually buy my favorite kinds of pies and eat some good food!


Smokey said...

Nice to see you still had fun up at Apple Hill even with some rain...Remember, we aren't fair weather campers, either! I'm looking forward to going up there before Halloween hopefully with both Deirdre and Emily...You know, the usual fall Apple Hill trip. Thanks for sharing the pictures...I enjoyed them. Ma/Grandma

Kimmy said...

How fun Apple Hill is!! I'm actually planning a trip up there with Trish (remember Trish?) and both families. I just love it up there. My parents actually introduced it and I just love the holiday atmosphere!!!

Glad you guys had fun!!!

The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

I remember Trish! How is she? Tell her I said hello! We do Apple Hill every it too!

Beth Paulson said...

I like cider from Apple Hill. Did you get me any?