Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Day at My Brother's House

This past Wednesday we went up to my brother's house in Elk Grove. He had some flooring stuff he needed help getting to his house, so we made a day of it. Here are just a few pictures from that day there.
My weakness is these yummy Mochi Balls (I know I have spelled it wrong) from Trader Joe's!
My sister-n-law Jenny........working hard "making" chocolate chip cookies.........LOL!
Me..........always taking a picture. Funny how I never really change! However, I have lost a significant amount of weight since November.

Deirdre playing Wii for the first time. She asked for one..............I gave her the best answer I could........"No".
I never could of imagined my brother, Carl, playing Wii! He has turned into such a big kid!
Me and my neice, Emily. She just loves her sweet!
And, me and my girl, Deirdre. She was distracted here............watching the Wii on the television screen!


Kimmy said...

YAH for the Wii!!! We have one and Paul, Sabrina, my brother & sister-in-law are playing it as we!! Too much fun!!!!

Love ya! Kimmy

Beth Paulson said...

That was really her first time playing? Did you play? Even my mom plays....

P.S. you spelled "mochi" correctly.

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