Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas all! This year was a different Christmas for all of us. Deirdre went with her dad this year. Dan is out on the road (in Utah). Carl and Jenny stayed at their home this year. So, as you can was different. We did go to Carl and Jenny's for dinner where we were also joined by Jenny's dad and her brothers. Dan will be home on December 30th, so Deirdre and I will be with him in Riverbank having our Christmas New Years Eve (which is also our 2 year anniversary). Here are the pictures I selected to blog (I took so many, it was hard to choose)!

Me and my baby girl!

Glad to have her back home!

Our tree..........
Even he dogs got a present!
Bebe made this adorable doll bed for Deirdre's baby dolls!

Mom looking at the photo album from Gammy.

My girl knows me too well!

Oh no! Look what Santa brought! What was he thinking??

I got 2 DVD's for my folks.

Dad and his new lounge pants.

What was I thinking?? Pokemon cards?

And what do we have here???????

A keyboard!

Carl's family tree.........

Emily and one of her rabbits.

Brother dear.......

Emily, mom and me.

Jenny's brother Norman, her dad Bob and Jenny.

In Carl's front yard.

Dinner..........was yummy!

She has never eaten a roll..........until now!

Emily and Goon-Goon (her grandfather.....Jenny's dad).

Silly girls..........

Uncle Allen (Jenny's other brother) and Deirdre.

Emily and Uncle Ken (Jenny's other brother too).

Had to make them do this for us!

Me and Jenny...............MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Heavenly Harmonies Christmas Program

Today was Deirdre's Heavenly Harmonies Christmas program at all 4 services at our church. Which made for a VERY long day for all of us! Here are some pictures and video clips from today.

Deirdre and her buddy, Madison.

Heavenly Harmonies.

The young man in this picture is Grant........Deirdre and he are also buddies.

A prop from the church.

Another prop.......all part of the church choir Christmas program.

How did she get a hole in the knee on carpet?

Mary & Joseph.

Deirdre and the other scarf dancers.

The choir.

In the chairs are the choir directors.

Paige and friend.

Deirdre and Madison.

The two of then again.
Deirdre and Lindsey.

Why does she look so scared?? She did great!

Scarf dancers.......

Grant and his solo!!

My favorite of Deirdre and Madison!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa Vist

Even though she is 11 years old.........I want to enjoy this as long as she wants to see Santa!

Today at the Antioch Mall..........

Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Snow in Our Area!

Last night it was cold enough to bring some snow close to us! These are some pictures of Mt. Diablo and the Black Diamond Mines area dusted with snow. Very pretty for all of us to see here!

This is over by Contra Loma.

Same general area.

Me.........while mom was outside taking some pics with her camera!

This was taken over by our new Kaiser building...........

Same area.......

Just couldn't gelp the beauty!

Kinda over towards Contra Loma area again.

Closer pic of Mt. Diablo.

Is that beautiful or what?


The last one that I took!